2014 Accountability Report

Our office has prepared our first annual Accountability Report for your review. Canvassing everything from community campaigns to my expense reports, this report should give you a good perspective of what your MLA has been up to. The design and work in pulling the data together was done by Gala, one of our community office staff, so thanks very much to her!

As an aside, you should know that the report covers 2014, so you won’t see all of the big developments around the Jericho land sale and development, governance at the UEL, or many of the other community events we’ve already participated in or hosted in 2015.

I hope this Accountability Report does exactly what its name implies – ensures my accountability to you, as a community member. If you have feedback on what you see me doing, or what I’m getting up to in the neighbourhood, or what I’m talking about in the legislature or the media, please let me know.

Your feedback, positive and negative, helps me be a better representative for you.

– Dave

Read the full report: 2014 Vancouver Point Grey Accountability Report

2014 report image