Get involved with your BC government

Have your say on the new BC Human Rights Commission

From Sept. 20 through Nov. 17, 2017, British Columbians are encouraged to share their experiences and ideas on how a human rights commission can promote and protect the principles of dignity and equality in the province.

Public engagement will be conducted through a dedicated website, where weekly discussion questions will drive ongoing conversation and provide an outlet for written submissions. Additionally, Kahlon will hold meetings throughout the province with various organizations and interested parties.

The Parliamentary Secretary’s recommendations will be presented in a written report and submitted to the Attorney General in December 2017. Legislation is expected to follow in 2018.


Have your say on a new Poverty Reduction Strategy

Your feedback will help us understand what poverty looks like in communities across B.C., and how we can best take action to improve people’s lives. Feedback will be collected between October 30, 2017 and March 30, 2018 at 4pm.

As a first step, the B.C. government raised income assistance and disability rates by $100 per month to help people who need it most. This is only the beginning. There’s more to do. One of the critical next steps is to build and implement a province-wide poverty reduction plan with targets and timelines. And we want your help.

There are several ways to participate:


Consider applying for a Board appointment for the province in your area of expertise and knowledge:

You’ll find information about the application and appointment process here: