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Proposals to sell and develop the Jericho Lands without consultation is a huge concern for many members of our Vancouver-Point Grey community.

David is closely monitoring the federal and provincial government’s activities as they move to sell the Jericho lands in Point Grey.

The resource document linked below compiles with references and primary documents the information David has uncovered, along with the latest updates from the media and local government representatives and a brief history. We will update this document as we receive new information.

Jericho Reference Document: 15-04-22–Jericho reference document

Read David’s update to the community about the First Nations Intention to buy the Provincial Jericho lands, sent February 16, 2016.

Read David’s update on Provincial and Federal portions of the Jericho Lands November 26, 2015. Read here for a correction to the update sent November 27, 2015.

Read David’s update to the community about an FOI filed about Jericho Lands (November 6, 2015).

Read the Response from Minister Amrik Virk_July 24 2015 to the VPG Postcard Campaign

Read the update from David on affordable housing sent out May 20, 2015.

Update from David after the April 29th Meeting: Read David’s update to the community here (sent May 5, 2015)

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