Issue: Kinder Morgan-an open letter to constituents concerned about the pipeline


November  2017

Thank you for writing to me about Kinder Morgan and the proposed expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

I have some updates to share with you.

As you know, Kinder Morgan was recently reprimanded by the National Energy Board for placing “anti-spawning mats”, which I understand may actually be snow fencing, in rivers in the province in preparation for construction of the pipeline expansion, allegedly in contravention of NEB conditions.

My colleague George Heyman, the Minister of the Environment, has written to the National Energy Board to ask them what steps they are taking to enforce the conditions they have placed on Kinder Morgan in light of these reports. He has also sent Environmental Assessment Office and Oil and Gas Commission staff to the sites to ensure that adequate documentation was provided to the federal government for their investigation, and to determine whether any laws in British Columbia were broken.

In another update, last week Kinder Morgan wrote to the National Energy Board to ask to be exempted from municipal bylaws in Burnaby that they are arguing restrict their ability to proceed with the pipeline construction.

Our province is responding to that application, opposing the proposal by Kinder Morgan that they be exempted from full and appropriate process around any constitutional arguments they are making, and ensuring that all governments, including ours, have adequate time to respond to the arguments being made by the pipeline company about the conditions imposed on them.

Our government will continue our work to ensure the interests of British Columbians are protected in relation to this federal project. Decisions from courts related to challenges in the Federal Court and BC Supreme Court are expected in the New Year. I will keep you posted as updates are available.

Yours truly,

David Eby