Issue: St James Community Square Saved!

Feb 12, 2016 UPDATE: The City of Vancouver has purchased St James Community Square for continued use as a community and cultural public space. Read the news here.

March 2015 – Few people in Vancouver-Point Grey have never experienced some kind of cultural or community event at St. James. From Rogue Folk to martial arts classes to concerts to fundraisers, St. James has seen it all – and it may be seeing its last days.

St. James co-founder Mel Lehan has been sounding the alarm about the impending sale of the building by its owner. The site St. James sits on could be turned into a three story residential building without a rezoning hearing, and that’s the worst fear of anyone who considers the potential loss of this critical space for community building.

If you’re interested in helping save St. James, sign Mel’s petition here:, or send him an e-mail.