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When our office learned that plans were in motion to close the Pine Free Youth Clinic that has been operating on West 4th Avenue since 1974, we held an emergency community meeting to develop an action plan with the community. From that meeting, the VPG Community Office alongside members of the SavePineFree Coalition have come together to:

  • Host a Community Forum to hear from all sides about the clinic’s closure with +70 people in attendance, Tuesday May 20th
  • Create a positive rally to support the nurses, doctors, staff and patients of the Pine Free Clinic with +200 attending, Saturday May 24th
  • Present a +1,300 signature to the Minister of Health in Victoria
  • Coalition building among organizations and supporters of the clinic
  • Begin a comprehensive letter writing campaign
  • Organize a Zombie walk in front of the clinic to thank Pine Clinic Staff in a last attempt to “bring the clinic back from the dead”.

David has brought up Pine Free Clinic many times in the Legislative Assembly:

Save Pine Free Clinic Media Coverage

Rally Poster

PF Rally Poster


Pine Action Alert! Meeting Tonight!

June 18, 2014

Vancouver Coastal Health has ignored our concerns about the closure of the only dedicated youth clinic in Metro Vancouver for months. Now we have a chance to make sure they hear us loud and clear.

Tonight, at 6:00 p.m., at 899 West 12th Avenue in the Paetzold Auditorium, Jim Pattison Pavillon, Vancouver Coastal Health is holding a public board meeting where they’ll hear an update on the clinic closures, including the closure of the Pine Free Clinic. Click here for more info.

At the end of the meeting, they’ll open up the mic to hear from the public in a question and answer session.

We’ve written to Vancouver Coastal Health and they haven’t written back.

We invited them to our forum and they didn’t show up.

We asked them to consult youth before closing the Pine Free Clinic and they set dates for “consultation” meetings with patients from every clinic of theirs except Pine Free.

We asked them for frank information and they released a poster to clinic patients that said that the Pine Free Clinic wasn’t closing, when it is.

By showing up at this meeting, we can show them that we aren’t going away, and that we will work hard to protect and defend 40 more years of operation for Metro Vancouver’s only dedicated youth and young adult clinic.

I’m reminded of an old saying: “First they ignore you, then they make fun of you, then they fight you, then you win.”

If we can convince the Board that there is enough community support, we may be able to convince them to revisit their strategy of ignoring the community entirely, which is the first step down the road to saving the Pine Free Clinic.

Let’s move this fight to save the Pine Free Clinic past the “ignore you” stage and let the provincial government know that they can’t ignore the concerns of young people and their supporters, because if they won’t come to us, we’ll keep coming to them.

I hope to see you tonight!

What: Vancouver Coastal Health Board Meeting, including update on clinic closures and open mic
Where: 899 West 12th Avenue in the Paetzold Auditorium, Jim Pattison Pavillon
When: 6-8 p.m.
Who: Everyone who wants youth and young adults to have access to a clinic dedicated to their needs

Yours truly,

David Eby