Courier: B.C. government mum on Jericho Lands

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September 10, 2015 | Mike Howell | Vancouver Courier

“David Eby, the NDP’s MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey, said news of an appraisal suggests to him the provincial government is preparing to sell its land. And Eby, who believes the property should be used to build affordable housing, said he is concerned the appraisal is being done without any feedback from area residents.

‘“I’m not sure quite how you assess the value of the property without knowing how much of it, for example, you’re going to hold back for a new school site or for a community centre, or for any other community amenities including affordable housing and parkland,” said Eby, whose party requested Virk’s speaking notes under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. “It just seems that the province is putting the cart ahead of the horse, here.”

“Eby is worried the property will be sold to a developer who will build luxury condominiums, which would continue to make the area of the city unaffordable for the vast majority of residents. With limited large pieces of land available for development in Vancouver, Eby said the property is an opportunity to develop a project that considers the future of an ever-increasing expensive city.”

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