Globe and Mail: Poking holes in Vancouver’s housing vacancy study

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March 11, 2016 | Kerry Gold | Globe and Mail

Quoted from the article:

Point Grey MLA David Eby, who’s raised the issue of empty houses in the media, says he was shocked at both the survey results, and also the media reaction, which tied the results to proof that foreign investment was a “myth.” He calls the methodology “conservative.”

“We have a shocking number of empty condos and a huge number of underused homes. The people who are trying to sell this [myth] line should spend a little time in Point Grey, in Kerrisdale, and they will see the reality for themselves, in the stores and on the streets. I understand the reasons for underselling this report and saying, ‘Oh, look, the real estate alarmists have been disproven,’ because a lot of people are benefiting from this system, but our community knows the issues. We see them every day.”

Mr. Eby is holding a town hall meeting on March 16, on the subject of international speculation in the housing market, shadow flipping, and the disconnect between incomes and housing costs. Because of demand, he has had to change from a smaller venue to the 700-seat Hellenic Community Hall.

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