24 Hours: Duel: Conflict accusation right on the money

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May 9, 2016 | Petr Petroposil

Quoted from the article:

Clark’s hot quarter-million-dollar salary makes her one of the highest-paid politicians in the world, beating out the leaders of some of the world’s largest economies, more than the heads of Italy, France, and Russia. When you include her expense account and private jet bills, her lifestyle is more comparable to McCartney than that of a public servant.

But according to Brent in his column, it’s not the perception of corruption that undermines confidence in the political system, but the language used by critics, such as BC NDP MLA David Eby — who referred to the donations in his complaint as money “laundering.”

The office of the premier does not belong to Christy Clark, nor does it belong to her campaign contributors. It’s irrelevant whether wealthy donors find loopholes to legally pay politicians — the premier has the appearance of using her position to enrich herself. The power of government belongs to all of us, and those that inhabit the legislature are but temporary stewards of that power. It is not theirs to sell, trade, or gift to friends. Understanding government policy should not be a case of following the money.

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