Globe and Mail: B.C. Premier’s salary being topped up by donations to Liberal Party

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April 27, 2016 | Gary Mason

Quoted from the article:

Mr. Eby says it is unconscionable that the Premier is getting taxpayers to pay for her lawyers regarding a complaint that stems from her role at Liberal party fundraising events.

“It’s a very serious issue that public funds are being used to defend the Liberals’ fundraising methods in a bid to allow them to continue to raise funds in the way they see fit,” Mr. Eby told The Globe. “That is definitely not what the money is intended for.”

Under B.C. conflict-of-interest laws, the key requirements for a conflict to occur are that an official act or duty is being done and that it’s being performed by somebody who is being given a direct benefit through the execution of those duties. Mr. Eby believes that there is no question his complaint meets those conditions.

“The Premier’s lawyer is saying that my complaint does not speak to any duties or powers that she has or might exercise at these fundraising events,” Mr. Eby said. “And they say that even if we did show that, there is no direct benefit, so there’s no conflict or perceived conflict.


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