Vancouver Sun: B.C. student alliance calls for more on-campus housing

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September 8, 2016 | Jennifer Saltman

Quoted from the article:

“Students are really feeling the crunch, and with no new student housing outside UBC in the past 10 years we’re seeing students are now flooding the rental market and crowding out other people,” said McGowan.

Vancouver-Point Grey MLA David Eby, who is also the New Democrat housing critic, met with McGowan on Wednesday to talk about the white paper.

“The frustration that I have is it’s not just a rental housing crisis for students. The students are competing with people who work in Vancouver or Victoria for rental housing when they’d rather live on campus,” Eby said. “I don’t understand why the province isn’t taking this common-sense step.”

Eby said it’s his hope that during the provincial election both parties make some commitments to increasing student housing.

“I think housing should be a non-partisan issue,” he said.

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