CKNW: NDP housing critic blames government for ‘easy lending’ to foreign buyers

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September 14, 2016 | Emily Lazatin

Quoted from the article:

The NDP’s housing critic is blaming the provincial and federal government for allowing foreigners to easily swoop into the region’s real estate market by way of easy lending.

“Banks have been shoveling money out the back door to internationals without any proof of income,” says David Eby.

This comes after a report by the Globe and Mail showed institutions favor foreigners.

While Canadians are asked to provide source of income, it’s a different story for international buyers.

No credit check – and no need to prove where the money came from – as long as foreigners provide a 50 per cent down payment at the Bank of Montreal

Eby says there needs to be a level playing field.

“At the federal level, my god, they need to crack down and establish some basic rules around proving where your income is coming from if you’re a foreigner buying property in Canada.”

Eby says there should be additional restrictions for foreigners to curb Metro Vancouver’s housing crisis.

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