Georgia Straight: MLA David Eby wonders if Christy Clark is deliberately triggering a trade dispute with foreign governments

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May 7, 2016 | Charlie Smith

Quoted from the article:

The Opposition liquor-policy critic says it was “entirely predictable” that the Christy Clark government would raise the hackles of foreign governments with a new wine policy.

David Eby made the comment after the Straight reported that diplomats representing the United States, European Union, and five other countries had registered objections to allowing only B.C. wines on grocery store shelves outside the “store-within-a-store” model.

Eby told the Straight by phone that he “can’t help but think” that the B.C. government has used the store-within-a-store concept as a stalking horse to allow sales of imported and domestic wine on grocery shelves without separate entrances.

“Now, the government will say ‘we tried to do all B.C. products but unfortunately we’re now forced to open it up to everybody’,” Eby predicted.

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