Global News: Salvation Army shelter in Victoria under scrutiny for poor conditions

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December 4, 2015 | Estefania Duran | Global News

Quoted from article:

Eby explains situations like this one showcase why it’s difficult to oversee shelters running on private donations.

“There’s all kinds of different obligations on shelter providers depending on who is providing the funding. If the shelter receives public funding from British Columbia, then they should be inspected and monitored by the government of British Columbia. If they are providing the shelter out of their own donations, then really, outside of building inspectors from the city of Victoria, there wouldn’t be any provincial obligations placed on them,” said Eby.

After seeing the video Eby said he can see why people would rather live in their own tent, and emphasizes the importance of coming up with a plan to combat homelessness.

“We don’t need these shelters if we have a government commitment to solve this problem,” he said.

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