Globe and Mail: B.C. real estate council grilled over shadow flipping

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VICTORIA — The Globe and Mail

Quoted from the article:

The NDP’s lead critic on the file, David Eby, has justifiable concerns that the real estate council is simply not up to the task of properly policing itself. As proof, he outlined for the legislature a case in which a Vancouver real estate agent aided and abetted a client in a fraud that the real estate association did not see fit to look into.

“If the Real Estate Council of B.C. is so incompetent that it doesn’t investigate realtors even when they’re handed sworn testimony about realtors’ direct and personal involvement in fraud … why is the Premier the only person left in B.C. [who] has confidence in this council to do this investigation?” Mr. Eby implored.

The government really had no good answer.

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