Globe and Mail: Critics ask questions about BCLC CEO

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September 22, 2015 | Wendy Stueck | The Globe and Mail

“In May, New Democratic Party MLA David Eby raised the issue in the legislature, citing correspondence that showed Mr. Graydon had backed policy changes that would alter the commission, or splits, for some games in casino operators’ favour and asking whether the government’s review had included that issue.

“According to documents released under a Freedom of Information request and reported recently in The Globe and Mail, last year’s audit did review changes to gambling commissions and found “no preferential treatment had been given to Edgewater.”

“Mr. Eby still has questions over whether Mr. Graydon’s actions at BCLC benefited Paragon – even if other operators also benefited.

‘“Clearly, we don’t have the full story of what happened during that critical period when he was negotiating his new job,” he said.”

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