Globe and Mail: Fassbender sees spoils for ‘can-do’ B.C.

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March 22 2017 | Ian Bailey

Quoted from the article:

NDP MLA David Eby, who spoke for the opposition on the budget, said Mr. Fassbender is advancing a story on something intangible while British Columbians wait for actual progress on projects such as the Broadway subway in Vancouver, light-rail transit in Surrey and the bridge to replace the Massey Tunnel linking Richmond and Delta.

“He’s pointing to something invisible with no objective way to measure it – the relationship with the federal government – because he can’t point to physical evidence of success,” Mr. Eby said. “He has to point to an intangible, unprovable backroom relationship that hasn’t improved the lives of British Columbians.”

Mr. Eby said the NDP is hoping the federal budget will include commitments to funding rental housing, money for mentalhealth programs and addiction support given dozens of homeless encampments in the Vancouver region and resources for Revenue Canada to pursue tax evasion in the housing market.

The party would also like to see support for infrastructure projects, especially in economically depressed areas that could use jobs from such initiatives.

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