Globe and Mail: Ministers kept in dark about B.C.’s foreign-buyer tax, politicians say

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August 2, 2016 | Mike Hager

Quoted from the article:

NDP housing critic David Eby said it is disingenuous of the government to claim it was taking the idea of foreign ownership in the market seriously and working behind the scenes on this tax all along. “It’s absurd. All you have to do is look at Mike de Jong’s transcripts in the legislature,” said the Vancouver MLA, whose party’s bill pushing a tax on foreign capital – not citizens – was rejected earlier this year. “There wasn’t a problem, they had all the information they needed from their friends in the development industry,” he said, paraphrasing Mr. de Jong’s previous comments.

“In addition, [Mr. de Jong] said, ‘If we do act, it won’t be unless we have at least six months of data.’”

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