Globe and Mail: Province to probe private fundraisers

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April 8, 2016 | Mark Hume

“I’m very glad that the commissioner is looking into this matter. I think that it’s an issue of serious public concern,” Mr. Eby said on Thursday. “In my opinion, the Premier is selling access to her office to people who could benefit directly from decisions she makes in cabinet, and there should be some oversight of that.”

Mr. Eby said he hopes the investigation will clarify the rules around such fundraising events and include interviews with participants who paid for access to the Premier.

“The rules aren’t totally clear in British Columbia … about where the line [is crossed] from fund-raiser-in-chief to selling access and granting access for people who can afford to buy it. I’m hoping the commissioner will clarify what those rules are,” he said.

“In Ontario … the investigation of donations turned up complaints that donors were pressured to attend events like this in order to receive government business. So I hope the commissioner’s investigation would include contacting people who attended these events, to ask them about the context of their invitations.”

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