iNews880: Eby questions Christy Clark’s motive for stopping controversial stipend

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January 21, 2017 | Michelle Morton

Quoted from the article:

David Eby says while the announcement is good news for British Columbians, he doesn’t know what prompted Christy Clark’s decision to no longer take the stipend from donations this year.

“Does she want to collect it one more time before year end, and then change it election year? Did she suddenly realize it was wrong?

But he wants accountability.

“What about the almost $300,000 she took from political donations before she announced that she wasn’t going to take more money?”

He says the idea of the Premier taking a second salary from her political donors is an unacceptable practice.

“I mean I already thought that this kind of conduct of taking a second salary out of political donations was illegal, which is why I filed the conflict of interest complaint against the Premier, but the conflict of interest commissioner apparently thought it was legal, so I think that the Premier should just take the step and make it illegal and recognize that this kind of conduct shouldn’t be going on in British Columbia and that it’s totally unacceptable.”

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