Kamloops This Week: U.S. challenges B.C-only wine sales in grocery stores

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Jan 18 2017 | Cam Fortems

Quoted from the article:

The U.S. has sent a letter to the Canadian government, asking for consultations as a first step toward resolving the dispute. If that fails, the U.S. said it may request the WTO establish a dispute settlement panel.

The trade action follows on the heels of a California Wine Institute complaint to the USTR on Oct. 27 that called B.C.’s wine regulations “blatantly discriminatory.”

However, according to the provincial government, the B.C. wine on shelves model will never see more than 60 partners.

The liquor licences that are in these grocery stores are the same VQA licences that have existed in B.C. for years.

B.C. NDP MLA David Eby said the dispute could have a huge impact on B.C.’s wine industry.

“It was so obvious this was going to happen and that the trade challenge would be successful against this plan,’’ he said.

B.C. amended legislation in April 2015 to allow wine sales in grocery stories and held an auction for licences about a year later.

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