Metro Vancouver: What can B.C. learn from Quebec’s political corruption scandal?

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March 17, 2017 | Jen St Denis

Quoted from the article:

“The interesting thing about Quebec compared to B.C. is that Quebec had its problems even though they had very serious limits in place around union and corporate donations,” Eby said.

“We have a much more generous and unregulated political donation system, so in that kind of a system we’re inviting that kind of problems that Quebec had.

“I think it’s important to hear from Quebec about how they identify these problems and what issues we should be looking for.”

B.C. is currently grappling with its own political donation scandal, following allegations that some lobbyists who made donations to the BC Liberals were later reimbursed by the companies they represented — a practice that would be against provincial elections law.

Last week Elections BC announced it had referred its investigation into the allegations to the RCMP.

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