National Observer: David Eby slams Premier Christy Clark over political donation scandal

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March 22 2017 | Linda Solomon Wood

Quoted from the article:

“The public needs to understand that these donations have direct influence on government policy. It’s not a coincidence that Christy Clark stood by for two years while international money in Vancouver’s housing market drove detached homes up $600,000 in price, and out of the reach of the vast majority of B.C. families forever. She was listening to her major developer donors first, who were telling her that only three per cent of the residential housing market was international money. In fact, it was closer to 20 per cent.

“Unrestricted political donations cost the public real money — public contracts become more expensive, rents get higher because government won’t close rental law loopholes, government policy favours passing expenses on to the middle class through fee increases while giving breaks to friendly corporate donors.”

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