News 1130: BC Liberal social media attack on NDP housing critic a sign of desperation: political scientist

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July 28, 2016 | Martin MacMahon

Quoted from the article:

UBC political scientist David Moscrop says this focus on Eby, an advocate for government action on this file in recent months, betrays a sense of desperation on the part of the Liberals.

“It’s nasty and desperate,” says Moscrop. “It sends a signal that you’re really scared of something. To essentially be undertaking aerial bombardment this far out of a campaign. It sort of cedes the point that maybe the caucus is a little bit nervous about their command of the issue. You don’t go on an offensive like this unless you’re nervous of the potential of losing the issue. And plainly, this far out, plainly they are.

“It was David Eby who was pushing them on this, and in a lot of sense, the opposition has been pushing the government for a long time to start doing something about housing. Any housing wins that the Liberal government claims, have to be in part at least, attributed to the opposition.”

Indeed, Eby and the NDP have been pushing for a two percent speculation tax, in contrast to the BC Liberals which until the surprise unveiling of their 15 percent Metro Vancouver foreign buyer tax earlier this week, had opted to take a non-interventionist approach to the housing market.

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