Sing Tao: David’s Rental Housing Town Hall (逾200人集会 研租屋难题)

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October 25, 2016

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超过200人周一晚上在温哥华基斯兰奴(Kitsilano)社区中心参与集会(图),讨论市民难以负担日益高昂租金以及难租屋的苦况,希望政府积极关注并落力解决。出席的温市议员麦杰士(Geoff Meggs),谈到温市府致力管理网上短租Airbnb问题、鼓励加建出租单位,以及租务市场紧张对家庭及个人的影响等。
卑诗省新民主党房屋事务评论员尹大卫(David Eby)表示,如政府继续不为租房问题提出可行方案,类似的集会将于今后几年里经常出现。


More than 200 people concerned about a chronic and ongoing rental housing shortage in Metro Vancouver packed a community centre in Kitsilano this evening to share their stories and learn more about what can be done to fix the housing crisis.

“We’ve got a crisis so severe that some landlords are auctioning off what limited rental housing exists, and others are demanding sexual favours in exchange for housing,” David Eby, MLA for Vancouver Point Grey and the NDP Housing Critic told the audience. “We didn’t get here overnight, this crisis is the product of deliberate government decisions for a decade – government can help reverse this problem by encouraging the construction of new rental housing.”

Several experts, including City of Vancouver Councillor Geoff Meggs, and more than thirty community members spoke over the course of the evening on topics like Air B&B, programs that work in other areas to encourage the construction of rental housing, the abuse of “fixed term” leases to avoid rent control provisions, and the impact of the rental housing crisis on families and individuals.

“We can fix this problem if we work together to ensure there is enough good quality housing for families to rent and live in Metro Vancouver,” said Eby. “If we continue to ignore the problem we’ll be holding meetings like this in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, except the problems will be that much worse.”

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