The Georgia Straight: David Eby wonders whether a fix is in and if government liquor stores will be the ones moving into supermarkets

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March 18, 2015 | Charlie Smith, Georgia Straight:

Quoted from the article:

‘David Eby, the NDP’s liquor-policy critic, told the Straight by phone that private liquor stores and B.C. Liquor Stores have only been given a four-week window to submit applications. He argued that this short timeline favours big corporations and stacks the deck in favour of the government moving its own liquor stores into supermarkets.

“The small family-owned businesses are not able to play in the game under the rules that the government has set up,” Eby said. “There’s not enough time to reach a contract agreement with a grocery store, to come up with a renovation plan in terms of putting your store in there.”’

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