Globe and Mail: U.S. angry over B.C. policy allowing only local wine to be sold in grocery stores

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Jan 18 2017 | Mike Hager

Quoted from the article:

All 14 supermarkets are selling only B.C. wines on their shelves and none have opted for the more costly option of creating a separate area for local and imported wines.

Vancouver New Democrat MLA David Eby, the opposition critic for liquor reform, said British Columbia will likely lose any decision in the dispute.

“This is entirely consistent with how the whole [reform] program was rolled out: They hold the photo op first and then they ask the questions afterward about how they can fix the mess their policy created,” Mr. Eby said.

He added that a B.C. loss would hit its small- and medium-size local wineries hard because they will have to compete at supermarkets with much cheaper import brands. Plus, these smaller producers no longer have many specialty private stores allowed to sell just B.C. wines because many of these shops transferred their liquor licences to the grocery stores, Mr. Eby said. 

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