The Martlet: Housing solutions brainstormed at town hall

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October 20, 2016 | Colin Grainger

Quoted from the article:

David Eby, New Democrat Spokesperson for B.C. Housing, said there are multiple options for addressing housing: “First of all we need to massively increase our rental housing supply, and the easiest and fastest way to do that is to have universities that are ready to build . . . do that as soon as possible. The second is we need rental-only zoning . . . And third, we need a Residential Tenancy Branch that actually can enforce the rules that are out there.”

Some universities, including UVic, are ready to build new housing, but are prevented from doing so because the B.C. government will not approve the debt. “The government’s fear is if they take on additional debt through universities building residences, that would affect the credit rating of the province,” Eby said.

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