The Province: B.C. to tweak foreign buyer tax, but affordability remains elusive

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March 12, 2017 | Rob Shaw

Quoted from the article:

The overall goal, the premier has said, is that “home ownership must stay within the reach of the middle class.”

But on that promise, she’s failed, said NDP critic David Eby.

“I don’t know what planet the premier is on if she thinks she’s dealt with housing affordability in Metro Vancouver,” said Eby. 

“The prices for housing are just as out of reach for people as they were before the foreign buyer tax. What she’s done successfully is stall the market.

“We should have been having these discussions about the housing market more than two years ago. During those two years that government was in total denial about what was happening on our housing market, the average detached home went up $600,000. And that’s put those homes out of the reach of literally thousands of families.”

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