The Province: Does Premier Clark really care about Vancouver’s hyper-inflated housing market?

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May 17, 2016 | Mike Smyth

Quoted from the article:

Does this help explain why the Liberal government seems reluctant to intervene in Vancouver’s hyper-inflated housing market?

Is it because the Liberals don’t want to spoil their richest patrons’ profit-palooza, while the home ownership dreams of working people wither and die?

That’s what the opposition NDP argues at the legislature as they press the government to take action on the housing affordability file.

“Is this government wilfully blind to what’s happening in the Metro Vancouver housing market because their donors like it that way?” asked NDP critic David Eby.

The Liberals deny such a claim, of course, insisting the red-hot housing market is actually a good thing.

“We’re actually proud of the fact that we have a jurisdiction that people want to come to, that they feel they can succeed in, that they want to invest in,” said Finance Minister Mike de Jong.

The New Democrats have proposed an anti-speculation tax: two-per-cent on newly purchased homes that are left to sit empty, with the money used to fund affordable homes that people will actually live in.

De Jong ridicules the idea.

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