The Province: Eby comments on B.C. tenants, landlords facing huge fee increases

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The Province | John Colebourn | Jan 06

Quoted from the article:

NDP housing critic David Eby said the hefty fee hikes come as the branch deals with massive underfunding and a high volume of landlord-tenant conflicts that often take months to reach an arbitrator.

“Now people are paying more money for a broken system,” Eby said of the fee hikes and the widespread criticism that the RTB is very slow in dealing with complaints.

“You have to wait weeks or even months, even though there are problems like no heat or hot water. Landlords and tenants will tell you the system is not working.”

Eby noted that utilities and many other essentials are all going up this year and the fee hikes at the RTB “are just one more hidden cost.”

Eby fears the higher costs may keep tenants from filing a grievance with the RTB, allowing landlords to take advantage of tenants “who are terrified of losing their rental homes.”

“They are doubling the fees to access justice,” he said.

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