The Province: Premier Clark’s $50,000 Liberal party ‘stipend’ stirs more controversy

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June 21, 2016 | Michael Smyth

Quoted from the article:

Why were the Liberals insistent on these points? Because NDP pit bull David Eby had accused Clark of effectively pocketing a “commission” on Liberal party donations to finance her $50,000 annual “stipend” as Liberal leader.

Hogwash, the Liberals countered, insisting Clark wasn’t even involved in raising money for her own election campaigns in her home riding of Kelowna.

“The premier does not participate in events intended to raise money for her own riding association,” White wrote.

But wait. On Sept. 12, Clark hosted a western-themed “Beans and Jeans” fundraiser in Kelowna that grossed $11,790 for her own constituency association, records show. Now, Eby wants conflict commissioner Fraser — who cleared Clark of wrongdoing last month — to reopen the investigation into Clark’s fundraising practices.

“He should go back and look at what Ms. White told him and ask for documentation to back up her statements,” Eby told me Monday.

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