The Province: Weaver leaps to Clark’s defence on pay

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May 10, 2016 | Michael Smyth

Quoted from the article:

But Eby, the NDP critic, points out the actual amounts paid to Campbell were never disclosed. It’s only now that the public is discovering how much Clark actually is paid by the governing party.

“People are outraged by this,” Eby told me Monday. “They find it unbelievable that political donations to the Liberal Party go, in part, as a personal financial benefit to the premier.”

As for Clark being underpaid, Eby expressed astonishment at the suggestion.

“The average family wage in Metro Vancouver is $70,000,” he said. “With her top-up, the premier earns more than three times that.”

What about the hundreds of other civil servants making even more than Clark? Is that fair?

“You’re not supposed to get rich being premier, but she’s getting pretty close to it,” Eby said.

The fierce NDP critic, whose conflict-of-interest complaint against Clark was dismissed last week, said he does not take back the tough language he’s employed, Weaver’s disgust notwithstanding.

“My only regret is that we have such a broken system of laws that allows this reprehensible activity to take place,” Eby said. “I wish Andrew Weaver would speak up more about that.”

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