The Tyee: Eby says Clark’s Pay from Donors Too Tied to Real Estate Moguls

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May 2, 2016 | Andrew McLeod

Quoted from the article:

As long as BC Liberal Party donors seem to be setting the agenda on real estate and other policies, it’s a problem, Eby said. “This is the problem with big money in politics,” he said. “It distorts policy priorities of government.”

The public often feels that donors have undue influence over governments, and in the case of the one led by the BC Liberals that feeling seems to be well justified, he said.

In 2015, the BC Liberals raised a total of nearly $10 million, $50,000 of which the party used to supplement Clark’s public salary.

The NDP, which received just over $3 million in donations over the same year, wants a ban on corporate and union donations to political parties. Most other Canadian provinces and the federal government already have limits on donations.

In B.C. where there is no limit on political donations, Eby said it’s unlikely Clark and her party will act to fix a system from which they benefit. “Her party does so well by those donations, and she does personally very well by those donations, then why would she change that policy?”

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