Times Colonist: De Jong changes his tack on real estate

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July 11, 2016 | Les Leyne

Quoted from the article:

Six weeks ago, Finance Minister Mike de Jong was stone-cold on the idea of a vacancy tax, taunting the Opposition to disclose how high they wanted it and calling the concept a barrier to investment.

“Maybe he’d like to stand up and tell B.C. how much he’d increase taxes,” de Jong invited NDP housing critic David Eby in May. “Tell us about the vacancy tax. Tell us about the economic wall he and his colleagues would build if, God forbid, they were ever given the chance to govern B.C.”

But on Monday, de Jong pitched in to start building the wall, a term loaded with meaning these days. He announced the legislature will be recalled pronto on July 25 to give Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson all the authority he needs to put his version of the tax in place.

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