Times Colonist: Les Leyne: NDP tapping into home-price anger

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May 12, 2016 | Les Leyne

Quoted from the article:

There are about 40 Lower Mainland ridings where real-estate prices are white hot. And the spillover has been in effect for months, as people cash out and start shopping in places such as Victoria, driving prices up. Some Victoria real-estate agents are now advertising “Investors and Foreign Buyers Want your property!… Direct connections to the Lower Mainland, across Canada and in China.”

One measure of the volatility of the real-estate issue: NDP MLA David Eby held a public meeting on the topic in March in Vancouver and found 800 people at the venue, standing to vent passionately about the impacts.

And one measure of the positioning that’s going on is that Opposition Leader John Horgan chose to lead off with real-estate prices in the annual debate with Premier Christy Clark over her spending estimates on Wednesday.

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