Vancouver Courier: Consultation promised in wake of mammoth Vancouver land deals

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October 1 2014| Naoibh O’Connor

Article from Vancouver Courier.

Vancouver-Point Grey NDP MLA David Eby called news about the Jericho Lands part of the deal “a remarkable opportunity.”

“There is a remarkable opportunity for aboriginal and non-aboriginal members of our community to come together and work on a project that we can all be proud of from a perspective of environmental and social sustainability and ensuring that all voices are heard in the consultation process leading up to the development,” he said. “It’s a remarkable opportunity when you think about this amount of land in the middle of a highly developed city and [that it’s] incredibly valuable land. The priorities are many that the people have for this land, everything from no development at all — so total greenspace — to highrises and maximizing the financial profits of the site. So, somewhere in between is where we’re going to land. The priorities will be dictated, hopefully, by a cooperative effort between the First Nations and the non-First Nations community. That’s what I’ll be pushing for — that consultation and that discussion to be taking place.”

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