Vancouver Sun: B.C. could do more to help Ottawa fight real estate tax evasion, says NDP

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Sept 14, 2016 | Rob Shaw

Quoted from the article:

Opposition NDP housing critic David Eby said the federal tax agency could catch more people if B.C. provided better on-the-ground help and information. 

“The province is sitting on all the information, refusing to do the work and not compiling the information that would be useful for the CRA,” he said Tuesday.

Specifically, Eby said B.C. should use its land title database to flag for federal auditors people who buy multi-million-dollar homes without an apparent source of income, such as students and homemakers. “It’s very reasonable that the province could link up land title data and real estate data,” he said. 

He also said the B.C. government should solve a staff shortage of auditors at the B.C. Financial Institutions Commission, as well as better staff internal government enforcement positions so that allegations of financial wrongdoing involving real estate could be properly passed to federal officials.

And he repeated the NDP’s calls for a task force of police, auditors and prosecutors to target money laundering and tax evasion in Metro Vancouver real estate.

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