Vancouver Sun: Details, timeline for changes to B.C. foreign homebuyers tax unclear

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January 30 2017 | Gemma Karstens-Smith

Quoted from the article:

David Eby, housing critic for the opposition NDP, said the tax made it more difficult for companies to recruit and retain employees because it added a surprise cost to living in Metro.

“When the government introduced the tax, it actually made housing even more expensive for this group of people who want to come and live and work here, and help build our province. It made absolutely no sense,” he said.

Eby said his party tried to address the problem with an amendment when the tax was introduced, but were defeated in the legislature, where the Liberals hold a majority.

Dealing with the tax was difficult for people who wanted to move to B.C. and be part of the community, he said.

“It was quite devastating for them and for many families in that situation. One of the things I’m wondering is will the government pay that money back to them as an apology for what they did to these families that were trying to help build our province,” Eby said.

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