Vancouver Sun: Plan to add more subsidized housing for B.C.’s low-income seniors meets just fraction of demand

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December 4, 2016 | Kim Pemberton

Quoted from the article:

“This is a government that has ignored housing for a really long time, and as a result there are thousands of seniors and families in need,” said NDP housing critic David Eby. “Now that there are low-income seniors visibly living on the street, in an election year, they decided to act. But even assuming those numbers (the 1,354 units unveiled for seniors) are new, it’s just a fraction of seniors still on the wait list.”

Eby says Premier Christy Clark’s announcement to build nearly 2,900 affordable-housing units, which includes the 1,354 units for seniors, was misleading. He noted Postmedia News reported the numbers provided by the Liberals showed nearly one in 10 of the announced units aren’t new builds, and about one-third of all the units had been previously announced by the government.

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