Vancouver Sun: Vaughn Palmer: Eby guilty of being prematurely correct on foreign buyers tax

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January 31 2017 | Vaughn Palmer

Quoted from the article:

David Eby, the NDP’s housing critic had long urged the Liberals to take action against foreign buyers.

But he also recognized how the hastily-drafted bill “has affected a significant number of people in Metro Vancouver who are working, who are paying taxes, who are at some point in the immigration process, who are contributing to our community, many of whom are skilled workers who were recruited to come here, who now have to pay the government’s tax.”

The concern went beyond hypothetical: “We heard quite a heart-wrenching story about a young man hoping to make a future in Vancouver, a talented animator who was recruited here, who now faces a $90,000 tax bill if this passes, even though he’s living, working and paying taxes in Metro and wants to settle here. He says that his dream of staying in Vancouver is dead if this bill passes as it’s currently written.”

Eby then tabled two amendments to the bill that would have exempted holders of work permits from paying the tax. Both were voted down by the Liberals after a breathtaking display of quibbling by Finance Minister Mike de Jong.

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