Vice: Nine Students Own $57 Million of Property in Vancouver

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September 15, 2016 | Manisha Krishnan

Quoted from the article:

In Vancouver, AKA real estate’s Twilight Zone, a bunch of students own $57-million worth of property in the city’s affluent Point Grey neighbourhood.

These nine homeowners, who we can only assume have never had to subsist off instant noodles, are literally listed as “students” on land title documents obtained by BC’s New Democratic Party.

Despite not having any income streams, the students managed to secure mortgages.

“How did the students qualify for mortgages? Where did that money come from?” asked NDP housing critic David Eby at a press conference Wednesday.

Eby questioned how major banks were qualifying students for mortgages without asking where their income was coming from. He said he was prompted to look into the issue by a Globe and Mail investigation that examined banks’ policies around approving mortgages for foreign buyers. That investigation found that banks don’t scrutinize the source of income of foreign buyers the same way they would with Canadian citizens.

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