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If you are not a constituent of Vancouver-Point Grey and you are wishing to contact David Eby in his role as the Premier of British Columbia, please contact:

  • Mail: Office of the Premier
    PO BOX 9041 STN Prov. Govt.
    Victoria, BC  V8W 9E1
  • Phone: 250-387-1715
  • Email:

If you are not a constituent of Vancouver-Point Grey, you can find your provincial government representative (MLA) by entering your postal code at:

If you are a constituent of Vancouver-Point Grey, and want immediate help with provincial services (or would just like to talk through what levels of government or non-profit organizations might help you with a particular issue), you can walk-in, call, or email us to speak with a Constituency Advisor. You can also send a letter or email to MLA David Eby for response using any of the following contact methods:

  • Mail: MLA David Eby’s Community Office
    2909 West Broadway
    Vancouver, BC  V6K 2G6
  • Phone: 604-660-1297
  • Email: