AG provincial representative on federal COVID-19 court initiative

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David Eby, B.C.’s Attorney General, has accepted an invitation to participate as the provincial representative on the federal government’s Action Committee on Court Operations in Response to COVID-19.

Chaired by the Chief Justice of Canada, and co-established by the Attorney General of Canada, the committee has had its first meeting by teleconference.

The committee will focus primarily on the immediate need to restore and stabilize court operations, including the resumption of in-person judicial processes and hearings. It will also facilitate information sharing and identification of common principles and best practices.

“I’m honoured to help facilitate the participation of all of the provinces and territories in the committee’s work, and to share what we learn in British Columbia as we support our chief justices and chief judge to get our courtrooms to a new normal,” Eby said. “While it will not be easy, it is urgent that we meet the twin demands of justice and public health. Our response will be better and stronger if we work together, and this committee will assist in the national effort.”

The Ministry of Attorney General has established two advisory groups to help the B.C. government support courts and tribunals in delivering services during the pandemic and in mitigating the pandemic’s impacts on the justice system. On April 24, 2020, the Province established the provincial Justice COVID-19 Response Group and the Cross Jurisdictional Technical Advisory Group. Both groups are currently active.

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