BC supports Federal Govt in fight for national climate change strategy

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CHEK News, November 27, 2018, As quoted:  https://www.cheknews.ca/ottawa-gets-support-from-b-c-in-carbon-tax-fight-with-saskatchewan-and-ontario-511993/

The B.C. government says it will support Ottawa’s legislation to put a minimum price on greenhouse gases in two separate court cases in Saskatchewan and Ontario.

The province will intervene in court to support the federal government’s climate action legislation as Saskatchewan and Ontario challenge Ottawa’s authority to pass its greenhouse gas pollution pricing act.

B.C. Attorney General David Eby says the province will argue federal and provincial governments have a role to address climate change, but Ottawa has the right and responsibility to establish a minimum price on greenhouse gas pollution.

In a release Tuesday morning, the attorney general’s office said, “the Supreme Court of Canada has repeatedly said environmental protection is a matter of shared federal and provincial jurisdiction.”

Saskatchewan and Ontario are challenging federal authority to pass a greenhouse gas pollution pricing act to their respective high courts.

Environment Minister George Heyman says B.C. is already leading the country when it comes to carbon pricing with its own carbon-pricing system and says other provinces should follow suit with the national climate strategy.