CKNW: The province should do more to battle tax evasion and fraud: NDP MLA David Eby

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Sept 11 2016

Quoted from the article:

NDP MLA David Eby is calling on the province to do more to battle tax evaders and money launderers after a report in The Globe and Mail highlighted fresh concerns about the CRA not doing enough to tackle the issue.

A whistle blower told the Globe that he had evidence of possible fraud and tax evasion, which were ignored by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Eby says that Finance Minister Mike de Jong issuing a statement on a weekend does little to help fix the problem.

“I try to think of the absolute least the province could do, and I think issuing a press release saying it’s someone else’s problem is probably the very least they could do.”

Big problem brought to the surface

Eby suggests de Jong needs to put more resources in place to combat money laundering and tax evasion.

“It shouldn’t be a surprise to the Finance Minister that when you don’t have auditors, when you don’t do the policing, when you don’t force people to explain where they’re getting the money from when they’re buying multi-million dollar properties with poverty-level incomes, that you’re going to have a major problem in the province, and we have that now.”

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