David Eby says discriminatory posters at University of Victoria serve as reminder to fight racism

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The Globe and Mail CHAD HIPOLITO/THE CANADIAN PRESS November 4, 2017 Quoted from the article: The appearance of discriminatory posters at the University of Victoria campus are stark reminders of the need to fight racism in its overt and subtle forms, British Columbia’s attorney general told law students Friday.
David Eby denounced the posters found on university bulletin boards that called for a fight against “anti-white hatred,” saying they are reminders of the work that must be done to identify and prevent racism.

“The posters here at the University of Victoria remind us that there is important work to be done in identifying and rooting out racism and discrimination and also in educating the broader public who may not face this as part of their day-to-day reality,” he said.

Eby said racism and discrimination can be overt in the presence of hate-filled posters, flyers and public protests, but there are also subtle forms where people are denied opportunities due to their ethnicity or economic standing.