David receives letter about Jericho Lands from Minister Amrik Virk

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On July 24, 2015 David Eby received a letter from Minister Amrik Virk about consultation in the Jericho Lands.

MLA David Eby had the following to say about the letter:

The major issue with the Minister’s position is that it is wrong for two reasons.

First, from a community planning and input point of view, once the lands are sold, either to a private developer or to First Nations in partnership with a private developer, they are gone forever given the prohibitive price of land on the west side of Vancouver. Strategically holding back property for a community centre, a school, or affordable housing for families or seniors simply disappears as an option as soon as the land is sold – you can’t hold back property for public purposes that you don’t own.

Click here to read the letter from Amrik Virk, Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizen Services, responsible for Jericho Lands. Sent July 24, 2015.