Georgia Straight: Real-estate panel chair says David Eby’s FINTRAC allegations will be part of the review

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Feb 24, 2016 | Charlie Smith | Georgia Straight

Quoted from the article:

On February 23, Eby wrote a letter to Rogers and the other advisory-group members saying B.C. needs an “investigative body, not an opinion panel”.

“Too often, whether the matter is tax evasion through misrepresentation, predatory marketing, enabling circumventing of anti–money laundering protections, or so-called ‘shadow flipping’, the public has learned about corrosive practices of some real estate agents through the media, not through the industry’s self-governing body detecting and removing the licenses of those engaged in such practices,” he alleged in the letter.

The NDP housing critic claimed that there are “two likely causes” behind the RECBC’s “failure…to prevent, detect and punish”.

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