Globe and Mail: Eby urges ban on political stipends

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April 29, 2016 | Justine Hunter

Quoted from the article:

NDP MLA David Eby, who has taken a complaint to B.C.’s conflict of interest commissioner that ties Ms. Clark’s political fundraising activities to her party allowance, said the Premier could short-circuit that probe by taking action – as the premiers in Quebec, New Brunswick and Alberta have done – to abandon her party stipend. Since she became Liberal Leader and Premier in 2011, Ms. Clark has collected a total of $277,000 from her party.

“We would like to see a law that bans the Premier from taking commissions from fundraising done by her party,” Mr. Eby said during Question Period.

Ms. Clark countered that the suggestion that her allowance amounts to a commission on her fundraising activities is wrong – and she advised Mr. Eby against making that claim outside the legal protections that are offered to MLAs speaking inside the House. “There are no commissions… Many of the things the members have raised are just plain wrong – things that if they said outside this House, I think they might find themselves in legal trouble.”


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